Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stunning matcha green tea

SO how potent is Matcha green tea? Well listen to this - a study just completed by Tufts University and the USDA;

The ORAC (oxygen radicle absorption capacity) test, which is a scientifically controlled test, standardizes and quanitfy's the antioxident values in foods. This allows you to make accurate comparasons between different foods. Tufts and the USDA choose a broad selection of fruits and veggies and as well included the "known" superfoods.
1 gram of each was tested.

top antioxidant foods - orac units per 1 gram

cranberries - 95

wild blueberries - 93
black plums - 74
blackberries - 54
raspberries - 50

strawberries - 36
apples - 43

cherries - 19

small red beans - 150
artichokes - 95
black-eyed peas - 44
broccoli - 31
red cabbage - 32
asparagus - 31
beets - 28
spinach - 27

wolfberries - 303
gojiberries - 253
dark chocolate - 227
pomegranate - 105
acaiberries - 60
wheatgrass - 49

And then they tested 1 gram of Matcha:
matcha green tea 1384

'Granite ground teas contain the highest concentration of antioxidants compared to all known natural fruits and vegetables known thus far'

This study was done with the Matcha the we carry at Chai Baba, which is the most superior matcha available - or at least that I have found.

I think it is time to drink matcha today!


saalhofer said...

Brendan, sounds great how do I get the stuff over here. greetings from wolfgang

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